The farm

The farm comprises a state-of-the-art mixed light and processing greenhouse. Through the use of clever design and innovative methods, Kind Farms has dramatically lowered its footprint, especially relative to its size, over more conventional farms and through the use of deliberate cultivation, control over flowering, and careful management, the farm is able to consistently produce product with reliable yields, so that, year over year, the same plants will produce consistent and predictable effects in the treatment of various conditions.

Carrying on the family tradition. 

“Life on a Farm”

Growing Cannabis

Kind Farms thrives to be the leader in sustainable agriculture.That’s the motto: From Farm to Farma. Every step of the process, from farming and harvesting, to processing and manufacture, and distribution at the Kind Farma dispensary in Davis is handled Kind Farms, giving them complete and total control over every aspect of their cannabis products, and further reducing their footprint in the process.

Kind Farms Flower

Grown just minutes away from our dispensary in Winters, Ca. Kind Farms Mixed-Light Flower is available only at Kind Farma.