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Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

In any form, medicinal cannabis is a wonderful treatment option for a variety of mental and physical ailments. How one chooses to use medicinal cannabis, though, can be a tricky question. Different methods of consumption come with varying results, even for the same strain or the same ratios of certain cannabinoids.

For people seeking relief from a wide variety of emotional and physical health issues, cannabis edibles are an important option to consider. These can take many forms, from small candies or baked goods, to teas, spreads, oils, blended drinks, and more. They’re a perfectly effective way to experience the healing benefits of medicinal cannabis, but they do diverge from other consumption methods in a few key ways.

In our post today, we’ll explore the wide world of edibles, and how to use them as an effective treatment option.

Why Not Just Smoke?

That’s the big question, when it comes to edibles. Why go to the extra trouble? Why not just smoke? Well, there are a few major reasons why edibles might be a preferred path.

First, not everyone can consume cannabis through inhalation. Whether smoking or vaping, the experience can be prohibitive. Some conditions, like persistent nausea from cancer treatments, for which cannabis would be an effective analgesic, might preclude any compounding stress on the lungs. Besides that, some people simply don’t enjoy the experience, and would prefer another course.

Second, while the effects of inhalation are very acute, edibles produce a longer-lasting, less bordered sensation. Edibles high in CBD, for instance, can relieve pain more effectively, and with a longer effective duration, than an equivalent vaporization.

Third, edibles, by volume, are much more potent. A gram of cannabis might provide many more individual doses if properly processed into edibles, rather than simply smoked. Edibles can be more efficient, and more cost-effective, for many users.

The Science of Edibles

THC, and other cannabinoids, are fat-soluble. That’s why they’re so often made into butter, or oil. Aside from corrosive extractions (of the sort which make more refined cannabis extracts), the most common preparation of cannabis edibles involves extracting the cannabinoids from the plants by suffusing them in some sort of fat, heating gently or simply waiting. Heat needs to be applied at some point during the process to decarboxylate the THC acid into usable THC.

Some users reserve the baked leaves from a vaporizer, and repurpose them to produce an edible extract with a surprisingly high potency. This method produces unreliable results, however, so it should not be used in instances where precise, and replicable medicinal effects are required.

Cannabis Edibles and Health

Cannabis is one of nature’s great superfoods. High in Omegas 3 and 6, and other essential fatty acids, cannabis is also a potent antioxidant. Cannabis contains different essential oils, called terpenes, with different properties aiding the body’s well-being. Terpenes are what gives foods their scent and flavor, along with specific properties that affect physiology. Examples include linalool, which is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Pinene helps strengthen the nervous system and Limonene lowers cholesterol and boosts the metabolism.

It makes a wonderful addition to a person’s diet, and can promote general good health, even beyond its specific medicinal benefits.

Those specific medicinal benefits are very much the same as those derived from inhalation. There are some differences in metabolization, however. As well, it’s important to note that cannabis is very effective topically. This gives edibles a distinct advantage when treating digestive issues like Crohn’s, inflammation, gastroenteritis, and others. Edibles, as stated, also tend to be a more effective treatment option for chronic pain relief.

The slower onset and softer experience of edibles makes them a very effective treatment option for anxiety, insomnia, hyperactivity, an inability to maintain focus, mania, and other related conditions. Edibles are especially effective for conditions for which higher CBD strains are preferred.

Kind Farma Has the Information You Need about Cannabis Edibles

If cannabis edibles seem like an appropriate and effective way to treat your condition, contact us or come visit our dispensary for a consultation with one of our medicinal cannabis experts. We’re ready to get you on the path to wellness.

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