About Kind Farma

Kind Farma goals are to:

Make sure each customer who walks through our door feels comfortable and respected

Educate consumers about the wide variety of products and strive to meet all their needs

Maintain a safe and pleasant environment for our customers and neighbors

Rigorously comply with all local and state regulations


The “Farm to Farma” concept ties the dispensary to Kind Farms, where innovative methods are used to reduce the farm’s eco-footprint. Outdoors, we lay raised mulch beds that retain moisture and grow directly in the class 1 living soil, and all cannabis waste is fed to livestock on site instead of driving to the landfill. The mixed-light facility uses its high intensity lights only when the natural sun isn’t strong enough. Irrigation is recycled to conserve water, a practice that should be a model for the industry.

Environmentalism and philanthropy are two of Kind Farma’s main pillars. Therefore, Kind Farma provides sustainable, local products for consumers as well as local jobs for the Davis community. Visit the dispensary to shop for products, to attend events and workshops, and to see how you can get involved in the movement!