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Open 10:00am – 9:00pm Daily

Kind Farma is a cannabis dispensary in Davis, California that is working to ensure a smooth transition in the post‐prohibition marketplace. Our goal is to create an environment that makes every customer who walks through our door feel comfortable and respected. We wanted to open a dispensary to provide consistent products to consumers. We are pleased to offer high quality products, from farm to farma.


“Cannabis has changed our lives. It has improved our quality of life and we want to share that with everyone”

The Future of Cannabis

We want to be in control of what we are growing and how we are growing it. The end of cannabis prohibition gives rise to a new, regulated industry, and it’s important for us to lead with philanthropy, innovation, and a healthy respect for the environment. Our goal is to bring the cannabis industry into the light in the most kind, responsible, and professional manner possible. 

Farm - Assists

Our farm-assists are trained in the various effects each strain can have to ensure that our customers can get the results they are pursuing.

Responsible and Professional

Kind Farma’s primary focus is to provide a range of products that suit anyone who comes through our door. From edibles to extracts and from pre-rolls to flower, we have you covered. We take pride in our products and feel a sense of responsibility to our customers, the environment, and our community.

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